Co-branded landing pages drive higher conversions

Smartbargains leveraged and heavily implemented co-branded landing belts and custom landing pages as key strategies in optimizing and growing their affiliate program

Marketing Objective:
Increase conversion and improve these metrics to allow Smartbargians and our affiliates’ efforts to generate more business.


  • Leverage co-branded landing belts to increase conversions. 
  • Enhance the affiliates brand as the belt provides legitimacy and a smooth transition/experience from the affiliate site to Smartbargains.
  • Also, create a strong recruiting and optimization tool at the same time as affiliates are eager to increase conversion, improve and establish their brand.
  • Created landing pages that doubled the amount of links on the page, called out two times the amount of promotions, provided links to departmental, categorical, sub-categorical, brand and product pages, mixed text with text, category and product images. Smartbargains wanted to create an experience that all types of shoppers could relate to. 


  • Smartbargains, on 58% of the days mentioned above, sent its affiliate coupon traffic to its regular homepage
  • On 21 of this 56 day period, the same affiliate traffic was sent to a custom landing page designed to optimize the affiliate program
  • The increases in 5 key metrics show how this custom experience was able to outperform that of the regular homepage, even though traffic was sent to the regular homepage for 11 extra days.