Rakuten’s Play.com

Drive incremental sales using attribution

Rakuten Attribution, formerly DC Storm, analyzed every transaction across the Play.com website, identifying each tracked marketing touchpoint (visit, click and impression) to develop an attribution model that reflects actual user behaviour.

This model is now being applied to every transaction on the Play.com website, enabling it to better allocate marketing spend across and within channels, thereby driving incremental sales and increasing marketing ROI.

Marketing Objective:
Rakuten’s Play.com needed an attribution model that accurately reflected the real behaviour of its users, understanding not just how a user got to a website, but also why they decided to go there. Analytics packages increasingly offer additional pre-packaged attribution models (e.g. first click, even weighting), but these models just redistribute sales, rather than offering proof that their outputs are any more valid than the last click models they replace.

Rakuten Attribution developed a bespoke attribution model grounded in rigorous data analysis. The new model accurately estimates the impact each interaction with the company’s marketing activity had on customers’ eventual decisions to buy. Different variables were analyzed to determine the effect they had on a user’s propensity to buy, and the ones that were found to have an effect were included in the final model.

The new model enables Rakuten Attribution to deliver real-time insight to Rakuten’s Play.com on the true effectiveness of their marketing activity, allowing them to allocate budget across channels in order to maximize revenue.

By giving them an in-depth, unbiased and accurate understanding of the performance of their marketing activity, the new attribution model has enabled Rakuten’s Play.com to reassess the value of their channels. Every single channel saw more than a 10% change in their share of revenue, and several saw more than 100% growth. 

As a result, Rakuten’s Play.com has significantly shifted budgets between channels, significantly increasing sales to its marketplace from paid marketing channels over the last 12 months without increasing spend.

Rakuten’s Play.com

Rakuten Attribution built a statistical attribution model for Rakuten's Play.com to enable them to accurately value their marketing channels. 

Rakuten's Play.com has worked with Rakuten Attribution since 2010.

Significant increase in paid channels without increasing spend.

Additional elements are also being added on an ongoing basis to drive further insights and even more effective marketing activity.