Product listing ads drive new consumers and grow sales for Musicnotes

Musicnotes is the world leader in downloadable sheet music, offering the best selection of 100% officially licensed and legal arrangements and covering all major instruments for musicians of every skill level. has sold almost 20 million sheet music downloads to-date and has been recognized yearly as one of the Top 500 Retail Web Sites since 2006.

Marketing Objective:
For five years Rakuten Search has managed reliable and efficient paid search campaigns for Musicnotes, exceeding both revenue growth and return on ad spend goals year-over-year.  In 2014, Musicnotes’ online marketing objective shifted from a sole focus on driving topline revenue to include a concentration on acquiring new customers. In a declining industry Musicnotes recognized the need to generate new customers and continue to focus on existing customers.

Musicnotes needed to build the consumer base and maintain revenue growth from current clientele. To aid in achieving this goal, Rakuten Search recommended utilizing product listing ads (PLAs). This was a new market offering and uncharted territory for both Musicnotes and the competition. 

As PLAs require compelling images and Musicnotes lacked a stimulating visual, both teams recognized garnering clicks may be a challenge. We pursued the channel despite this hurdle and launched a PLA campaign. 

In just three months PLAs proved to be a successful and valuable piece of Musicnotes’ online marketing. As a result, the PLA campaign drove:

  • 30% of Musicnotes new to file customers
  • 14% of total clicks to the site
  • Nearly 10% of total pay-per-click revenue

The campaign percentages continue to grow month over month.   

Rakuten Search continues to provide Musicnotes dedicated support and original ideas to exceed client objectives. “The experience and expertise the account team brings to Musicnotes campaigns continues to transform results and exceed our expectations, “Jennifer Watford,  Director of E-Commerce Marketing, Musicnotes stated. “Rakuten Search is really able to hone in our needs and provide strategic recommendations to promote our brand. We have already achieved record success for 2014, our year-over-year growth is already up 20% and predicted to reach 48%!” With a continued focus on customer acquisition, the team will delve into the world of YouTube to drive customer acquisition, continuing to break new ground in the downloadable sheet music industry.

Generate new customers and continue to drive strong top-line revenue growth

Utilize Product Listing Ads to saturate the market

30% of Musicnotes new to file customers

14% of total clicks to the site

Nearly 10% of total pay-per-click revenue

Rakuten Search continues to provide strategic recommendations and break new ground in the downloadable sheet music industry