Mr. Rebates

Loyalty site cashes in with affiliate marketing

Mr. Rebates utilizes tools and reporting to further growth with Rakuten Affiliate Network.

Mr. Rebates was established in February of 2002 by Craig Cassata. The goal of the site was to make sure customers save money on every purchase by offering cash back. Mr. Rebates also offers thousands of coupons that can be stacked with the cash back savings offering even more discount opportunities for customers.

Mr. Rebates works with over 2,500 merchants and prides itself with being an affiliate partner that is both easy to work with and very responsive. To date, Mr. Rebates has been a top sales partner with many top brands in different verticals such as apparel, beauty, health and more.

A fun fact about Mr. Rebates...
The site initially started out as “Ask Mr. Rebates” on the domain There was a marketing play on words on every page that would say “Where can I save money on Apparel…” with a list of stores in each category.

Within a year though, it made sense to consolidate the name to Mr. Rebates for a better, less confusing branding experience.

Marketing Objectives: 
Affiliate marketing is the the number one choice for loyalty/reward platforms online as the technology simplifies and standardizes all commission data that flows through to the affiliate. Rakuten Affiliate Network was a natural choice for Mr. Rebates since they have been a market leader since the late 90s and had a wide breadth of top brand merchants which is very important to a membership base who shops online.

A primary marketing objective within the loyalty channel is to have customers that continue to utilize a website for all of their online shopping. On top of that loyalty mechanism of cash back, the brand mantra for Mr. Rebates is “fun”. A goal for the site is for our customers to feel a sense of happiness when using the site on top of the main goal of saving money.

The Rakuten Affiliate Network platform provided the tools needed to quickly and accurately award cash back to customers at Mr. Rebates.   A dedicated and responsive account team has also been very helpful to their day to day marketing efforts also.

On top of the APIs and reporting tools needed to accurately award cash back to customers, Rakuten Affiliate Network was one of the first affiliate platforms to offer a transaction inquiry tool that automates the process of tracking a commission when the commission does not report to the network.

Mr. Rebates was one of the first Platinum Publishers in the network and remains a top performing partner. Rakuten Affiliate Network offered the right, top name merchants which have contributed to Mr. Rebates’ long term success.

Future Plans:
Mr. Rebates is constantly looking for ways to better service their customer needs.  A project initiative for 2016 will be a re-design of the main website accompanied by both tablet and phone versions of the site that have a unifying user experience.

Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates offers cash back along with thousands of coupons that can be stacked with the case back savings providing even more savings to customers. 

Mr. Rebates was one of the first Platinum Publishers in the network and remains a top performing partner to many top brands. 

A message from Mr. Rebates:
“Mr. Rebates has been partnered with Rakuten Affiliate Network for almost 15 years.  It’s been a pleasure to see both Rakuten Affiliate Network and Mr. Rebates flourish together throughout those years.”
- Craig Cassata
President and Founder