Direct brand relationships increase sales

Fashion content site sees a significant increase in sales using direct relationships.

LustreLife connects the fashion savvy with today’s leading designer brands, online luxury fashion boutiques and emerging names-to-know. The team of seasoned product management executives, fashion editors and marketing experts have created a personalized, editorial-focused portal for people to shop through. Besides letting users search through hundreds of leading fashion brands and stores, LustreLife also offers curated collections, subject-based feeds, styling tips, daily updated fashion stories and a shoppable online magazine. This not only allows for a personalized shopping experience, but also provides the right editorial content that turns readers into loyal customers.

Founded in 2013, the LustreLife team is located in San Francisco and New York. Having achieved over 300% YoY growth in traffic and sales in 2014, the team is now expanding the initial focus on women’s apparel, shoes, and accessories to include beauty, jewelry, and men’s categories.

Marketing Objectives:
Since their beginning, LustreLife has focused on helping consumers shop for designer fashion from online stores around the world. The team understood the importance of partnering with fashion advertisers in order to gain access their product catalogs. Before joining Rakuten Affiliate Network, LustreLife worked closely with multiple sub-networks. Seeking direct partnerships with the brands, LustreLife decided to join Rakuten Affiliate Network to further their reach and facilitate 1 to 1 relationships with their favorite fashion advertisers.

LustreLife’s objectives were to combine technology with content to help advertisers to:

  • Engage with consumers who are brand-aware and style conscious
  • Deliver the most relevant offers and styles to interested shoppers
  • Market designer fashion brands to consumers in Asia where the fashion industry is experiencing significant growth

LustreLife realized that they were not building the partnerships and monetizing the way they had expected. Switching to Rakuten Affiliate Network was a strategic decision, as the direct partnerships and reporting tools that the network provided made it easy for LustreLife to optimize their site and start forming long-term relationships with advertisers. With the use of Rakuten Affiliate Network’s Merchandiser Feeds and Advertising APIs, LustreLife was able to receive the latest product catalog updates from their advertisers, making it seamless to deliver the most relevant offers to their users.

Not only did LustreLife utilize the Publisher Dashboard to download campaign banners and find new advertisers to potentially partner with, they also looked to their account management team for partnership opportunities. Early on, the account management team introduced LustreLife to leading fashion brands and discussed useful strategies to improve marketing performance. The teams were also able to provide benchmark statistics and best practices based on their network legacy data. The direct relationship between RAN and LustreLife helped to continuously improve and cultivate
their partnerships.

Since moving to Rakuten Affiliate Network, LustreLife has been growing rapidly. In 2014, the team saw:

  • 300% increase in sales, with $275,000 for one of their advertisers
  • $350 AOV
  • 250% increase in monthly Ad views and clicks
  • Long-term partnerships with advertisers leading to additional promotional opportunities specifically for LustreLife campaigns

Future Plans:
In 2015, LustreLife plans to add a Men’s catalog to their site, as well as debut an innovative mobile app that will allow for a seamless shopping and search engine experience. The team at LustreLife expects to accelerate their growth with the ultimate goal of becoming the top publisher for luxury fashion brands.



LustreLife is a fashion content site that connects fashion-minded people to today's top brands all in one place. 

LustreLife say a 300% increase in sales and 250% increase in monthly Ad views and clicks with Rakuten Affiliate Network.

LustreLife is planning to launch a men's catalog to their site in addition to launching an innovated mobile app in the summer of 2015. 

A message from LustreLife:
Rakuten Affiliate Network has helped connect us with the right advertisers and opportunities to enable us to achieve 300% in sales growth last year. We enjoy working with our account teams who are always helpful. We look forward to continuing our partnerships in the coming years.
- Allan Kong
Director of Marketing
LustreLife, LLC.