Targeted display ads increase sales

Having successfully partnered with Rakuten Display, formerly MediaForge, an innovator in personalized retargeting, to implement cutting-edge product offerings, Karmaloop wanted to test the value of a new audience segmentation: gender-specific retargeting.

Created a specific strategy that took advantage of the value of personalization including creating a set of ads that utilized shopping behavior customization.  Customers were shown interactive display ads that included recently viewed products as well as gender specific creative sets.

We generated higher conversion rates, and improved retargeting performance:

  • Users who clicked through the male gender-specific ads were three times more likely to purchase than those who clicked through genderneutral ads.
  • Users who clicked through female gender-specific ads were two times more likely to purchase than those who clicked through gender-neutral ads. 
  • Users who were served with the gender-specific ads had a higher overall spend on the site (per thousand impressions), delivering an increase in revenue of 35 percent.
  • Overall click-through rate increased by 24 percent.
  • Average revenue-per-unique-user-reached by 24.7 percent.
  • Rakuten MediaForge increased Karmaloop’s retargeting average order value by nearly nine percent.

Karmaloop partnered with Rakuten Display to reach their customers throughout the customer journey.

Rakuten Display used their expertise and award-winning technology to create unique strategies.

Across a variety of metrics, including average order value and revenue per user, Rakuten Display was able to increase value.