INTO University Partnerships

Joining Online Inquiries to Offline Conversions

INTO wanted to understand the impact their marketing channels had on international students that went onto study in the UK following a placement program.

They needed to understand the effectiveness of their marketing channels in creating an initial inquiry and track this up to the point where the student graduated from the university, to enable them to accurately attribute any lifetime value back to the initial activity.

To achieve this Rakuten Attribution (formerly DC Storm) worked with INTO to join three separate data sources to individual users to enable them to see the complete student journey:

  1. Online user journey and initial inquiry
  2. Successful and unsuccessful university applications
  3. University course completion 

By joining these disparate data sets, across online and offline channels, INTO was able to see the lifetime value of each student and attribute this back to the initial marketing activity that drove it.

The analysis and reporting provided by Rakuten Attribution has transformed the view INTO has on the influence of their marketing channels. With drastically improved insight into their conversion and retention rates, and factors that influence it, INTO can now confidently make decisions on where to spend their marketing budget so it will be most effective. Steve Rawlings, Assistant Director, Digital and Web – INTO University Partnerships said: “DC Storm’s services have enabled us to understand the true value of our digital channels and how they work in combination with each other.

The technology provides us with a clear platform to demonstrate how the channels contribute to success, for example we can see clearly how spend on social media channels contributes to a student making an inquiry which leads to an enrollment, even when it may not show up as a first or last click visit. This has been invaluable in demonstrating the importance of multichannel marketing internally and has validated investment in the creation of content – on Facebook, for example – when other measures of success may well have led to a reduction in spend. We have also been able to link our PPC campaigns through DC Storm to support online promotion of our programs.

Over the last four years, we have continuously and exponentially increased enrollments with a year-on-year reduction in overall cost per acquisition (CPA) for students sourced from online activity. The partnership with DC Storm is an integral part of the company’s ambitions to understand how students engage with us online and thereby increase further the proportion of students who enroll through a digital journey. Their reputation and the compatibility of their products have allowed us to quickly integrate a number of cutting-edge initiatives, safe in the knowledge that we can monitor and measure their performance in the same way as all of our other marketing activity.”

INTO University Partnerships


INTO wanted to understand the impact of their marketing initiatives on international students who studied in the UK.


Rakuten Attribution joined disparate data sets across online and offline channels, enabling INTO to view the complete user journey.


INTO was able to determine which marketing initiatives were most effective, and use this knowledge to drive future marketing decisions.