Non-Brand Terms Drive Overall Brand Lift

INTERMIX offers the most sought-after styles from an edited selection of coveted designers. With their paid search program completely optimized and performing well on branded terms, Rakuten Search proposed testing designer expansion to find additional opportunities for growth.

Marketing Objective:
Highlight the effectiveness of building out campaigns and bidding on designer search terms to gauge the influence on the INTERMIX brand while efficiently driving additional revenue.

Rakuten Search employed rigorous testing methods to research non-brand terms. The focus was on fashion designers that had significant site inventory on INTERMIX and delivered high conversion rates while keeping costs within the predetermined goals.

While some of the tests revealed that not all designer brands were competitive, there were terms that performed extremely well. By discovering and focusing on the most effective designer expansion terms, INTERMIX was able to drive profitable incremental revenue through the paid search channel. Additionally, INTERMIX saw a significant lift in brand:

  • Traffic
  • Performance
  • Conversions
  • Revenue

The designer influence also created a halo effect on INTERMIX’s brand awareness. This resulted in incremental branded traffic, conversions and helped build brand advocacy.


With the account optimized and performing well, INTERMIX was looking for new avenues of additional revenue.

Rakuten Search proposed and employed rigorous testing on bidding on various designer brand terms with site inventory.

Investment in non-brand designer terms led to lift in overall brand awareness and 30% increase in revenue.