Mobile shopping app on the rise

As the fastest growing mobile marketing platform in the US, Ibotta is a free mobile shopping application that allows consumers to discover products, interact with brands and earn real cash awards for making qualifying in-store and online purchases. Ibotta allows Advertisers to communicate with millions of potential customers on a one-to-one basis by delivering highly targeted, customizable media content & offers based on shoppers’ demographics, geo-location and past purchases.

Rather than simply passing along a coupon or promo code, Ibotta drives deep customer engagement through a rich set of pre-shopping interactions that encourage users to watch a video, post on social media, answer a poll question, and/or learn about an Advertiser’s brand in order to unlock cash rebates. 

Marketing Objective:
Since inception, Ibotta has been focused on reaching consumers where they are (on mobile) and encouraging them to engage with brands and ultimately make in-store purchases. 

Their specific objectives were to enable Advertisers to:

  • Deliver significant media value through pre-shopping brand engagements
  • Target offers according to consumer demographics, geo-location and past purchases
  • Receive valuable consumer insights & analytics related to media and redemption trends
  • Drive multiple trips & brand loyalty through gamification and bonuses
  • Harness the power of social media through teamwork goals and social sharing of offers
  • Reach consumers on mobile, on their own time

As the online tracking and purchase verification rails were already in place through Rakuten LinkShare, it was very easy for Ibotta to extend its mobile shopping platform to allow users to redeem rebates online. On the technical side, the Ibotta team was able to quickly integrate Rakuten LinkShare’s clear APIs and build the online redemption flow within its user interface. In a short timeframe, Ibotta collaborated with Advertisers to set up many leading brand campaigns for its April 2014 Mobile Shopping Launch.

The initial Ibotta reception was strong. In the first month post-launch, Ibotta drove:

    • $200,000 in online sales for one of its partners
    • 10-17% conversion rates
    • AOVs of up to 70% above the offer spending threshold
    • Nearly 1 million completed brand engagements
    • Tens of thousands of social media posts about its partners

Ibotta also received very positive user feedback on the addition of the online shopping categories and continues to receive requests from users for more shopping options each day.

Future Plans:
Ibotta plans to continue adding Advertiser partnerships and build out its online channel, which will be aided by a web version of the application and continued enhancement of its social and personalization features. Ibotta also plans to deepen its relationships with Rakuten LinkShare Advertisers to drive both in-store and online sales with the goal of becoming the dominant consumer-facing mobile shopping platform in the market.


Utilize affiliate marketing to transform the way companies execute mobile advertising in conjunction with brand loyalty development

Ibotta’s platform drives interactive, targeted brand messaging that results in direct item-level purchases for both in-store and online transactions

In the first month, Ibotta drove $200k for one of their partners, saw AOVs of up to 70% above the offer spending threshold
and nearly 1 million completed brand engagements

Ibotta plans to deepen its relationships with Rakuten LinkShare Advertisers to drive both in-store and online sales with the goal of becoming the dominant consumer-facing mobile shopping platform in the market.