Online wholesaler distributor helps small retailers box-out the competition

Through Dollar Days, small retailers are able to purchase their brand-name goods online in quantities and prices that are aligned with their business needs and the demands of their customers -- all without compromising profits, quality or service.

Marketing Objective:
To expand its online presence, Dollar Days selected LinkShare to:

  1. Create brand identity and awareness for its niche offering; 
  2. Deliver a breadth of solutions and reach to affiliates, and 
  3. Quickly view current status and map out future plans for success.

Dollar Days has seen more traffic – measuring in the thousands in terms of unique visitors. Far exceeding expectations, LinkShare helped Dollar Days reach new heights in terms of brand awareness and an ever expanding affiliate base with repeat customers.


Dollar Days is the premiere online wholesale distributor and closeout company that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs compete against larger enterprises that buy bulk wholesale merchandise products.

Grew its business exponentially and established strong brand identity solely through online affiliate strategy that included targeted marketing campaigns and customer focused coupon offers.

Has built strong and profitable relationships with 1.3 million registered users and continues to prosper by signing 1,100 new registrations every single day. 

The increasing volume of sales will enable the company to offer even more competitive discounts and coupon specials.