Incremental growth fueled by direct brand relationships

CouponCabin drives $1 billion in sales for merchant partners through affiliate marketing.

CouponCabin is one of the internet’s leading sources for online savings with more than 3,000 online stores to search through and offering more than 100,000 coupons and deals for consumers to use. Besides offering a savings of $19 on average per order, CouponCabin guarantees every coupon and deal making them one of the most accurate and reliable sites for all your money-saving needs. By working directly with their merchant partners, they can also provide consumers with exclusive content that cannot be found elsewhere.

Established in 2003, CouponCabin has recently become a savings trifecta by not only providing consumers with coupon codes, but as of 2014, they now offer product deals and cash back as well. CouponCabin is on a mission to be the one-stop-shop for all online shopping needs.

Marketing Objectives:
In order to become the savings powerhouse that it is today, CouponCabin turned to affiliate marketing with Rakuten Affiliate Network with the intention of creating unique, long-term partnerships and building their brand awareness among the savings-conscious consumers of today.

Through affiliate marketing, CouponCabin aimed to:

  • Curate an audience and develop the brand to become a go-to resource for online consumers
  • Build direct, profitable relationships with retailers
  • Increase engagement and awareness for new product deals and cash back options
  • Combine the tools and reporting available through Rakuten Affiliate Network and CouponCabin to make sure each merchant partnership is mutually beneficial

CouponCabin utilized Rakuten Affiliate Network’s strong portfolio of quality brands along with the strong account management team to tackle their marketing goals. Rakuten Affiliate Network helped to bridge the gap and build relationships with major quality retailers that were previously inaccessible. By working closely with their account management team, they were able to begin working with some of the top brands in the industry which not only created direct and lucrative relationships, but also helped to develop their audience and build out their company brand.

In order to maintain the integrity of their coupons and continually provide their customers with the latest information available, CouponCabin used Rakuten Affiliate Network’s deeplinking tools. These tools allowed CouponCabin to track each offer to make sure each one is up-to-date. They were able to pair the tools and reporting from Rakuten Affiliate Network with their own tools and reporting to develop a highly sophisticated platform that consistently monitors activity and fraud while calculating cash back amounts and product updates to tie the entire company together as a whole.

Since joining the Rakuten Affiliate Network, CouponCabin has been able to develop and establish strong and genuine relationships with large, successful brands providing additional customers and revenue to these partners for mutually beneficial collaboration. Since 2003, working with Rakuten Affiliate Network has allowed CouponCabin to achieve monumental growth and drive over $1B in sales for its merchant partners. In addition to bringing savings to its audience, CouponCabin also provides many charitable contributions including its Coupons for Troops program as well as allowing users to donate their cash back savings to 12 different charities.

Future Plans:
With the recent launch of the product deals and cash back options, CouponCabin is looking forward to increasing engagement and knowledge. It is only a matter of time until their millions of everyday coupon users become product deal and cash back customers as well.


CouponCabin provides consumers with over 100,000 coupons and deals along with product deals and cash back options.

With Rakuten Affiliate Network, CouponCabin was able to drive over $1 billion in sales for its merchant partners since 2003.

CouponCabin is looking forward to increasing engagement and knowledge of its newer product deals and cash back options.

A message from CouponCabin:
"Partnering with Rakuten Affiliate Network has made it easy for CouponCabin to drive incremental growth and new customers for advertisers. We look forward to continued, tremendous growth with RAN and our partners within the network!"
- Jessica Hayes
Senior Account Manager