Hanna Andersson

Acquiring new customers with the Rakuten Affiliate Network


Hanna Andersson provides children with uniquely styled, long lasting and comfortable clothing that lets kids be kids. Inspired by their Swedish heritage and socially responsible business practices, Hanna Andersson has quickly become a Top 500 Internet Retailer company with both online and offline presences.

Marketing Objective:

Hanna Andersson looked to the Affiliate Marketing channel as the primary vehicle for acquiring new online customers. Their objective was to create an Affiliate Marketing strategy that would grow their consumer base while also minimizing cost per acquisition.


Convert new customers by offering an incentive for first time shoppers to purchase from the retailer’s official site. In addition to offering a consumer incentive that was only available via the affiliate channel, we offered Publishers a flat dollar bounty for each new customer order they were able to refer to HannaAndersson.com.


Increased first time buyer count immediately following the launch of their new customer acquisition strategy. Not only did their new customer count increase, but additional visibility that their new customer promotions received through the affiliate channel helped to re-engage their existing consumer base. “The new strategy became a great negotiation tool,” said Paula Lockwood, Online Marketing Programs Specialist, Hanna Andersson.

The results were so well received that Hanna Andersson continued to fine-tune their strategy in order to maximize the number of new customer orders: 

  • New customer offer functionality on the backend to allow new customers to use offers and restrict existing customers from using them at checkout
  • Testing of consumer messaging given to publishers to promote offers
  • Reward structure given to publishers for converting new traffic (flat dollar bounty vs. commission increase)
  • Program has grown by 3.6% in Q1-Q2 and 2.0% in Q3-Q4.


Hanna Andersson


Hanna Andersson uses Affiliate Marketing as the primary marketing channel for acquiring new customers, while minimizing cost per acquisition.


Hanna Andersson’s account team at Rakuten LinkShare helped create unique strategies for their specific goals.


The percent of fist time buyers driven by the test Publisher, grew by 5.3% in Q1-Q2 and 2.9% in Q3-Q4 compared to the year prior to testing.


Rakuten LinkShare provides Hanna Andersson with on-going strategic insights on how to best work with affiliates to acquire new customers at a low cost.